Booklets, Guides, Resources and White Papers

For Jimmy's Sake...

          HIPPA Privacy Autorization Form

          Advanced Healthcare Directives

          Referenced Guide from Insurance Company

          What you need to know about Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, POA, and more...

Transition Guide - Changing Jobs or Employers


          Medical Professionals: A Prescription for your Financial Health

College Planning

          Financial Aid for College

          Saving for College

          529 Plans and Estate Planning

Employer Resources

          Employee Benefits for Special Circumstances

          What You Need to Know About Retirement Plans

          Business Owners Guide to Retirement Plans

Financial Planning

          "Retire Now" Client Discovery Fact Finder

          New Client Discovery Fact Finder

          PPCG Financial Planning Guide


          Determine Your Risk Score - Answer 6 Questions - (RTQ)

          Benefits of Tax-Advantaged Savings Strategies 

          What You Need to Know About Annuities

Life Events

          Caring for Your Aging Parents

          Loss of a Spouse or Loved One

          Planning for ReMarriage


          2022 Key Numbers

          Answering the Financial Questions that Count

          Personal Document Locator

          Sample PPCG Monthly Newsletter


          Planning for Social Security - Find my optimal Social Security Claiming Strategy

Risk Management

          Disability Insurance Basics

          Life Insurance Basics

          Healthcare Costs in Retirement and Long-term Care

 Tax Advantaged Strategies

       Roth Conversion Guide