Working with Physicians Private Client Group

If you are looking for a Wealth Management Firm that is fiduciary focused and has extensive experience and specializes in working with Medical Professionals, PPCG is the firm for you.  We have guided retirement plan sponsors, participants, and retirees through major market declines across multiple market cycles.  If you've never worked with a Fiduciary Advisor, had one before, or you're simply looking for a change, we would be happy to chat with you to see if we're a good fit for each other.  Before reaching out to us, however, please read below to understand how we typically work and the types of clients that we serve best.  If you feel like our style and expertise is a good match for what your needs are, we could be the Financil Planning and Wealth Management Firm for you!  Simply get in touch with us via email or phone for a complimentary, no obligation chat.

Who We Serve

We have had an amazing group of clients who we have served over multiple generations.  All our clients are unique, of course, but they share some common threads that might help you decide if we are the Wealth Management Firm for you.  Most of our clients are either Medical Professionals, Practices or business owners.  Some individuals are already retired, are within 10 years of retirement, or are institutional pools representing Hospitals, Defined Benefit Pension Plans, Non-Profits and Endowments and/or Foundations looking to improve their under-funded pension liabilities or business or practice who seek a better retirement plan.   Whether they seek improved returns on a risk-adjusted basis, lower plan/fund costs, more effective employee education, higher plan participation rates, expanded tools and resources, higher funding capabilities, increased flexibility, improved reporting, better fiduciary compliance or as a means to further diversify their investments.

Most of our clients have highly customized tax-advantaged, cost-efficient solutions and strategies that range from conservative to moderately growth-oriented tilt.    The safety of their investments may be of utmost importance to them or they may prefer to take a more calculated, educated and informed approach about risks to generate higher returns.  All of our clients are long-term investors, so they are patient and see the value in having a life-long asset management plan that is customized to their needs and situations; they typically are not interested in short-term investments that may or may not work for them.

How We Work

Our advisors have extensive experience in the industry and have rigorous requirements for both ethics and continuing education.  We have a legal Fiduciary Standard to uphold, and our client's interests are of the sole and utmost concern at all times and in all situations.  If you're going to work with a Wealth Management Firm that specializes in working with Physicians, Dentists, Medical Practices, and Medical Professionals choosing an experienced Fiduciary is a good start!

Each of our clients receives an investment and financial management plan that is customized to their individual goals and objectives.  We take care to fully understand our client's goals and objectives and design and implement strategies that have the highest probability for success based on their tolerance for risk.  Our solutions and strategies revolve around important life events and milestones such as wealth transfer, asset protection, retirement, and even business succession.

As you can probably see if you read our newsletters, any of our white papers, or watch our videos, we utilize technology to communicate important and timely topics that we believe are most appropriate for our respective audience.  We use time-blocking methods to ensure that our one-on-one communication with our clients is frequent and uninterrupted, even though we stay very busy working with the media, researching new investment products/techniques, and curating helpful online content to ensure that our clients are always well-informed.

The majority of our clients are located within the Mid-Atlantic Region, however, we work with clients from all over the country as long as they are open to working virtually via web conferencing, scheduled phone calls, and email communications.  If you feel that it's necessary to speak daily or weekly, then it's likely that we are not the Wealth advisor for you.  It is our experience that frequent conversations with no prearranged objective is counter-productive and keep us from helping our clients to the best of our abilities.  However, our appointments with our clients (whether they are in person or via phone) are always welcome and highly productive, especially when we have a clear objective.

We provide our clients with highly secure personal online access to their accounts that they can access at any time 24/7.  We invest in technology heavily to ensure that our clients have accurate alerts and monitoring, which allows us and the client to be proactive with their planning rather than reactive.

What We Charge

Unlike many financial advisor professionals, our system of fees for financial planning is simple and easy to understand.  It can be flat, or fixed and priced based on overall time and complexity.   Our clients benefit from our extensive tools, resources, and technologies that can help save significant time while delivering high-quality accurate reports.  We strive to deliver consistent services via our advanced technology platforms including but not limited to our eWealth and Oneview tools.  Simple planning modules can be as little as $250 while base comprehensive plans can start at $1500 and depending on complexity and time can increase from there. Clients have the flexibility to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annually and make payments via debit/credit card, ACH or account debits.  For clients who prefer to engage us to implement strategies for ongoing investment management, our fees are based on a percentage of the assets that we manage; for institutional clients at the highest asset level, those fees can be as low as 25 basis points.  Our pricing is designed to reward you and us as your assets under advisement increase.  We strive to keep these costs as low as possible so that our clients can keep more of their return.  If you'd like more specific details regarding our fees, let's schedule a chat!  Just use this contact link below, and we will provide a more accurate estimate based on your situation and needs.

What we do for Clients (all across the USA)

Investment management and great financial planning aren't something that works overnight; these things take trust, time, and patience.  For that reason, we feel that clients and their advisors working as a team is one of the most important aspects of my work.  We strive to structure our business model by focusing on those who have a need or desire to work with a financial advisor by ensuring that our clients receive personal attention and plenty of support.  We know there's always room for improvement, so we are always striving to improve our service structure each day.  Our promise to you is to use the thousands of hours of research that we do every year to benefit the wonderful people who place their trust in us.

Step 1: Getting To Know You.

Getting a complete picture of who you are and what you are striving to accomplish is essential to developing an effective plan. That's why we start our process with a no-cost discovery information-gathering meeting where we learn about your life, your family, your business, your employees, your goals, and all the financial strategies and programs you are currently using. We try to understand as much as possible about you and your business so that we can be truly effective advisors and advocates.

Step 2: Developing A Plan That's Right for You.

Once we've gathered all your information, we start creating your plan. This comprehensive document analyzes your current financial situation while making recommendations for implementing new and better strategies for achieving your goals.

A typical family Financial plan may include:

  • Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis

  • Balance Sheet and Income Statement

  • An analysis of your current investments including asset allocation, tax-efficient allocation, risk/return/costs metrics

  • Insurance analysis, review, and recommendations

  • College planning cost assessment and funding strategies

  • Retirement planning advice - goals-based or cash flow

  • Estate analysis - beneficiary and account registration review 

  A typical business plan may include:

  • An analysis of your business's current financial health

  • A review of your employee benefit plans and recommendations for minimizing costs

  • Business continuation planning

  • Recommendations for implementing the most effective retirement plan

 A typical institutional plan may include:

  • A review of your Investment Policy Statement

  • A review of your plan liability and cash flow needs

  • A review of current Asset Allocation

  • A risk/return/cost assessment and recommendation

A typical retirement plan may include:

  • Review Plan Design to assess the focus of key initiatives

  • Analysis of Participant features/benefits/costs

  • Assessment of Plan Fees and cost/service components

  • Review of Plan Investments including risk/return parameters

  • Review of Plan Reporting

  • Review of Plan Participant Communication, Education, and Participation

Step 3: Putting Your Plan into Action.

At Physicians Private Client Group, our team does more than just create your plan—we implement it. Whether it's a new health plan you're introducing at work, an updated retirement plan, or a new personal investment strategy, we'll meet with the appropriate people and take the necessary steps to put your plan into action. This includes establishing a time frame for goals to be met, meeting with attorneys and accountants, preparing any necessary documentation, and educating you and your employees about the changes we've made.

Step 4: Reviewing and Modifying Your Plan.

The Physicians Private Client Group monitors your progress through quarterly investment reviews and annual assessments. We're also available to re-evaluate your plan at any time if anything should change, such as:

  • The Economy

  • The Tax Laws

  • Your personal goals

  • Your health or the health of your organization or business

  • Your business goals

  • Your family situation

In the event that problems arise or changes occur, you can count on us to respond quickly to your needs, and craft a plan that better addresses your current situation and goals.

Our Strategic Partners and Advisor Group Back Office Support Teams combine to deliver Unbiased Research Identifying Attractive Investment Opportunities in conjunction with Extensive Due Diligence Reviews. 

Our key strengths are independent analysis and objective recommendations. The financial consultants at Physicians Private Client Group are also registered representatives with and offer securities and financial planning through FSC Securities Corporation, Member FINRA/SIPC.  Work with an experienced Wealth Management Firm that specializes in addressing the unique needs of Physicians, Dentists, Medical Practices, and Professionals.  Are we the right fit for you?

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you!

Please Note: This information is not intended to be a substitute for specific individualized tax, legal, or investment planning advice. Neither FSC Securities Corporation nor its registered representatives or employees, provide tax or legal advice.