Privacy Notice Regarding Client Privacy

Maintaining the trust and confidence of our clients is a high priority. That is why we want you to understand how we protect your privacy when we collect and use information about you, and the steps that we take to safeguard that information. This notice is provided to you on behalf of FSC Securities Corporation. 

Information We Collect: In connection with providing investment products, financial advice, or other services, we obtain non-public personal information about you, including:

·         Information we receive from you on account applications, such as your address, date of birth, Social Security Number, occupation, financial goals, assets and income;
·         Information about your transactions with us, our affiliates, or others; and
·         Information received from credit or service bureaus or other third parties, such as your credit history or employment status. 

Categories of Information We Disclose: We may disclose all information that we collect. FSC Securities Corporation and its affiliates do not sell customer lists and will not sell your name to telemarketers. 

Categories of Parties to Whom We Disclose: We will not disclose information regarding you or your account with us, except under the following circumstances: 

·         To your authorized Registered Representative and his or her manager; FSC Securities Corporation permits Registered Representatives and Investment Advisers that terminate their affiliation with FSC Securities Corporation to make copies of their client files.
·         To our parent companies, AIG Advisor Group, Inc., and American International Group, Inc., or their affiliates, to the extent permitted by law;
·         To entities that perform services for us or function on our behalf, including financial service providers, such as a clearing broker-dealer, investment company, or insurance company;
·         To consumer reporting agencies,
·         To third parties who perform services or marketing on our behalf;
·         To your attorney, trustee or anyone else who represents you in a fiduciary capacity;
·         To our attorneys, accountants or auditors; and
·         To government entities or other third parties in response to subpoenas or other legal process as required by law or to comply with regulatory inquiries. 

How We Use Information: Information may be used among the AIG companies that perform support services for us, such as data processors, technical systems consultants and programmers, or companies that help us market products and services to you for a number of purposes, such as:

·         To protect your accounts from unauthorized access or identity theft;
·         To process your requests such as securities purchases and sales;
·         To establish or maintain an account with an unaffiliated third party, such as a clearing broker-dealer providing services to you and/or FSC Securities Corporation;
·         To service your accounts, such as by issuing checks and account statements;
·         To comply with Federal, State, and Self-Regulatory Organization requirements; and
·         To keep you informed about financial services of interest to you.

 Our Security Policy: We restrict access to nonpublic personal information about you to those individuals who need to know that information to provide products or services to you and perform their respective duties. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural security measures to safeguard confidential client information.

Closed or Inactive Accounts: If you decide to close your account(s) or become an inactive customer, our Privacy Policy will continue to apply to you.

Complaint Notification: Please direct complaints to: FSC Securities Corporation, Attn: Legal Department, 2300 Windy Ridge Parkway, Suite 1100, Atlanta, GA 30339.

Changes to This Privacy Policy: If we make any substantial changes in the way we use or disseminate confidential information, we will notify you. If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy, please write to: FSC Securities Corporation, Attn: Legal Department, 2300 Windy Ridge Parkway, Suite 1100, Atlanta, GA 30339.

FSC Securities Corporation’s Business Continuity Plan Disclosure

FSC Securities Corporation maintains a business continuity plan and generally intends to continue business in the event of a significant business disruption.  For more information regarding FSC Securities Corporation’s business continuity plan and the Firm’s emergency contact information, please visit our Web site at or contact your Representative.

FSC Securities Corporation’s Revenue Sharing Disclosure

FSC Securities Corporation (FSC) maintains revenue sharing arrangements with certain mutual funds, insurance companies, direct participation programs (DPPs), real estate investment trusts (REITs), 529 plan providers, and third party money managers. These sponsors have greater access to our representatives to provide training and other educational presentations and product information so that they can serve investors better. Please visit our Web site at to see a list of sponsors who participate in these revenue sharing arrangements. 

In addition to the customary sales charges, the sponsors make payments to FSC to participate in the program. For mutual funds, FSC receives a payment of up to 0.25 percent (25 basis points) on all sales of mutual fund shares (the “Gross Sales Payment”). Alternatively, FSC may receive from certain mutual funds a flat fee that does not exceed the Gross Sales Payment. FSC may also receive an additional payment, paid quarterly, of up to 0.11 percent (eleven basis points) per year of the assets under management held at FSC. For variable annuities, FSC receives a Gross Sales Payment of up to 0.25 percent (25 basis points). In addition, FSC may also receive an additional payment, paid quarterly, of up to 0.1 percent (10 basis points) per year of the assets under management. For variable universal life insurance, FSC receives an annual flat fee payment ($16,666.66 for Platinum sponsors and $12,500 for Gold sponsors) and a payment of 5 percent of the applicable first year target premiums. For fixed registered products, FSC receives a Gross Sales Payment of up to 0.15 percent (15 basis points). For DPPs and REITs, FSC receives a Gross Sales Payment of up to 2 percent. For 529 plans, FSC receives a Gross Sales Payment of up to 0.125 percent (12.5 basis points). In addition, FSC may also receive an additional payment, paid quarterly, of up to 0.1 percent (10 basis points) per year of the assets under management. For third party money managers, FSC may receive up to 0.20 percent (20 basis points) per year of the assets under management or up to 20 percent of management fees earned on behalf of registered representatives of FSC. In addition, FSC may also receive a flat fee of up to $100,000.

For specific information about payments from the sponsors, please see our website at

Registered representatives of FSC do not receive additional compensation from FSC in connection with sales of the sponsors’ products as opposed to other mutual fund families, insurance companies, DPP sponsors, REIT sponsors or third party money managers. In connection with sales of the sponsors’ mutual funds, however, FSC often absorbs the nominal “ticket charge,” which is normally borne by your representative (up to $18 per transaction). 

Because of these revenue sharing arrangements, representatives may prefer recommending products offered by a sponsor over other mutual funds, variable products, DPPs, REITs or third party money managers available through FSC. You should feel free to ask your representative how he or she will be compensated for any transaction involving a sponsor’s products.

This information was updated on June 30, 2007. FSC will update information regarding sponsors who participate in revenue sharing arrangements with FSC on its website on a regular basis. You can access this updated information, and our Disclosure Document For Mutual Fund and Variable Product, Real Estate Investment Trust, Direct Participation Program and Third Party Money Manager Investors at