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Physicians Private Client Group (PPCG) was formed as a result of our founder's extensive dedication, commitment, and experience working with physicians, dentists, and medical professionals from residency through retirement.  As a Senior Financial Advisor and VP for AMA Investment Advisors, a division of the American Medical Association, Mr. Sklencar traveled the country helping physicians transition from private practice into retirement.  Earlier in his career, John worked with interns, residents, and fellows at the Philadelphia area hospitals to implement tax-advantaged savings and investment plans, debt refinancing, life, and disability insurance plans customized for medical professionals. 

Through our affiliation with Advisor Group and FSC Securities Corporation (since 1994)we have been able to develop a team of nationally recognized industry experts across multiple disciplines where our advisors and clients have access to many of the countries leading Attorneys, Bankers, CPAs, Economists, Money Managers, Pension Administrators, Financial Institutions and Insurance Providers.  This compilation of experts enables us to provide our clients with a unique array of boutique products, services, and programs specially tailored for physicians, dentists, and medical professionals.   



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