Employee Benefits

9 Key Optional Benefits that you can add to your employee benefits programs.  In addition, there are several complimentary Value-Added Services that can help you stay competitive and stand out from your peers. 

  1. Accident: Accidents happen. When a covered accident happens to you, our accident insurance policy pays you cash benefits to help with the unexpected medical and everyday expenses that begin to add up almost immediately.
  1. Cancer/Specified-Disease: Aflac's cancer/specified disease insurance policy can help you and your family better cope financially if a positive diagnosis of cancer ever occurs.
  1. Dental: Keep a bright, healthy smile with Aflac's dental insurance policy. Our policy provides benefits for dental care.
  1. Lump Sum Critical Illness: It's good to be prepared.  Aflac lump sum critical illness insurance will pay a lump sum amount to you if you experience a covered health event.
  1. Hospital Confinement Indemnity: Hospital stays are expensive.  An Aflac hospital confinement indemnity insurance policy can help ease the financial burden of hospital stays by providing cash benefits.
  1. Short-Term Disability: How would you pay your bills if you're disabled and can't work? An Aflac short-term disability insurance policy can help provide you with a source of income while you concentrate on getting better.
  1. Term Life: With Aflac's term life insurance, you can rest easy knowing that your family will have financial security when they need it most.
  1. Whole Life: With Aflac's whole life insurance, you can rest easy knowing that your family will have financial security when they need it most.
  1. Vision: Don't take your vision for granted. An Aflac vision insurance policy can help with the costs of vision treatment.
  1. Complimentary Value-Added Services* to help stay competitive:
    1. AD&D Coverage with Travel Services:  Your employees can receive $7,500 of accidental death and dismemberment coverage for one year from Reliance Standard Life Insurance. When traveling at least 100 miles from home or in a foreign country, travel assistance is included for employees and their dependents.
    2. Fraud Protection: EZShield provides one year of award-winning fraud protection for your employees for the first year.
    3. Health Advocacy & Medical Bill Saver: Health Advocate helps employees navigate healthcare and insurance-related issues, resolve claims, negotiate medical bills, and more.
    4. Telemedicine: MeMD allows employees to connect with a medical provider online and receive personalized treatment anytime, anywhere.
    5. Personal Wellness: Health Advocate helps employees develop a healthy lifestyle plan to achieve their wellness goals with support from a dedicated wellness coach.
    6. Financial & Legal Fitness: Health Advocate assists employees with financial and legal preparedness and provides access to free consultative services from licensed professionals

*NOTE -  These Value-Added Services are included complimentary as long as we are able to present the 9 Key Optional Benefits to at least 75% of your staff

The above programs can be offered on a completely voluntary basis without any costs to you or you can elect to provide further incentives and offset any employee premiums. 

In addition to the cost savings, obtaining coverage on a “Guaranteed Issue Basis,” without any underwriting, can be a significant advantage to some employees as well as using pre-tax dollars vs. post-tax.

Contact us today to learn how you can add these benefits for your employees and staff.