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We are dedicated to helping our clients successfully design, implement, and maintain their practice's employee benefits and retirement plans so they can attract, reward, and retain the best employees.  Our approach is fiduciary-focused so your goals and objectives are aligned with your needs.  We are completely independent, so our loyalty belongs exclusively to you, your practice, your employees, and your family members.  We pride ourselves on our extensive educational tools, resources, white papers, videos, webinars, and ecommunications.  We embrace technologies to help consolidate, coordinate, organize, simplify, and streamline our client's complex financial affairs so they have complete transparency 24/7. 

Our independence enables us to establish working relationships with several industry-leading multi-disciplined professionals from accountants, actuaries, attorneys, CFAs, CFPs, money managers, life, health, disability, LTC, Medicare insurance, and retirement plan experts.  Each client's situation is very unique, which presents us with new challenges and opportunities.  Our extensive teams of industry experts enable us to develop, implement, and coordinate successful solutions, strategies, products, and services all tailored to our client's unique needs.  Here is a brief sampling of some of the nation's most prominent investment firms, including but limited to, the Advisor Group American Funds, AssetMark, CityNational Rochdale, Clark Capital, Envestnet, Fidelity, FirstTrust, JP Morgan, SEI Investments, and Vanguard whose products we leverage to create customized client strategies.  We rely on data from independent sources including Morningstar, FI360, and RPAG to research finding what we believe are the best, most consistent, top quartile, less volatile funds to our models and your 401(k) plans.

The investment advisor representatives in our firm work primarily on a fee or fee-based compensation.  Our advisors' fiduciary focus is on your needs and helping you achieve your overall long-term goals and objectives by recommending strategies designed to increase your probability of success.  There are no sales quotas or hidden agendas. This approach helps to ensure that you receive cost-effective, objective advice that serves your needs.  It also means that we are here for you, ready to offer ongoing financial guidance whenever you need it.   

We understand our client's unique financial, insurance, investment, retirement and estate planning needs from residency through retirement.  We follow a consistent approach and get to know you, your practice, your associates, your staff and employees, your family members, and your other advisors so that we can design, implement, monitor, and modify sound recommendations for your success.  We continually monitor and evaluate our strategies to help guide you through changing regulations, policies, and tax laws so you can avoid unforeseen landmines or potentially unexpected results. 

Our unique approach enables you to have the confidence to know that your professional team of advisors is continually striving and working diligently behind the scenes to manage your financial affairs.  Ideally, our goal is to do all the hard leg work so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your hard-earned free time doing the things you enjoy most with your family and friends that you love most.

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Investors should note that the deductions of fees will impact overall account returns.