Retire Now


Your “Retire Now” plan can help you find answers, solutions, and strategies, and address the major key concerns that you and most retirees will face now and throughout your retirement:

1)       Have I accumulated enough for retirement?
2)       Are my assets best positioned to provide me sufficient income to last throughout my 
           lifetime and withstand Market Volatility, Black Swan events and Sequence of Return               Risks?
3)       What are my optimal Social Security Claiming Strategies?
4)       Is my portfolio allocated tax efficiently to help reduce taxes, maximize social security 
           benefits, and reduce Medicare premiums?
5)       What are my potential Healthcare costs in retirement?
6)       Have I prepared sufficiently for eventual Long-term care?
7)       How can I safeguard my assets in the event of a major healthcare crisis?

In addition to finding answers to the above questions and concerns, your “Retire Now” Plan will help you determine the optimal time for you to retire. The report will also address how to best position your assets so you can receive guaranteed income for life that you cannot outlive.  Regardless of how long you live, whether the financial markets experience a long-term downturn, Black Swan event, or Sequencing of Return Risks, you can gain peace of mind knowing that you can rely on a steady check each month.

Your “Retire Now” plan consists of the following components:
1)       Your Short-term, Intermediate, and Long-term Goals, Objectives, and Major                       Concerns which we Identify, Quantify, Qualify, and Prioritize.
2)       Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Projections, and Detailed Expense               Worksheet.
3)       Social Security Optimal Claiming Strategy Report – will provide you with your 
           corresponding break-even projections taking into account inflation, projected growth rates, and SSI increases.  Depending on your marital status, contribution history, and other factors, you will gain insight into your Social Security Claiming options.
4)       “Retire Now What-if Scenarios”– will help you determine when you are in the best position to retire and help you fill the gaps in your guaranteed sources of retirement income. You will see areas of potential areas for concern and helps you formulate strategies to fill the gaps so you will be comfortable knowing where you stand each and every year throughout your retirement.
5)       Personal Pension Plan Projections and Scenarios – Illustrating Guaranteed                       Sources of Taxable and Tax-free Income for Life Solutions and Strategies.
6)       Optional Morningstar Portfolio Comparison Report -Obtain an insightful X-ray of your accounts, portfolios, and investments to assess your Asset Allocation, Risks,                    Returns, Fees and Costs over 1, 3, 5, and 10 years. We will review over 1,000 data points and summarize the key performance and risk metrics that are benchmarked to their representative indexes.
7)       Optional Estimated Healthcare Costs in Retirement, Long-term care options &              Corresponding Workbook – Everyone has a long-term care plan whether you know it or not. Through this exercise and workbook, you can learn more about the type of care you or your loved ones may need, what type of care they may need, where they prefer to receive their care, how much corresponding care costs are, and how to best fund those costs.

We look forward to working with you to provide meaningful solutions and strategies to help you achieve your retirement and investment goals.

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