Our Principles for Success

Ask us how "We strive to Improve our Clients' Returns, Mitigate Portfolio Volatility and Reduce or Eliminate fees and expenses which may produce more assets and income for our clients over time.” 

“Our Founding Principles for Success”

We continually strive each and every day to adhere to the highest standards and adopt what we believe are the best qualities, traits, and principles that increase our clients', employees' and company's probability of achieving success.  


Over time, we have adopted John Wooden's (UCLA's most winningest NCAA basketball coach) traits and qualities for success  as described in his books “Pyramid of Success - Building Blocks for a Better Life" and “Be Quick, Don't Hurry” which were based from Maslow's hierarchy of  needs and Coach Wooden's experience of successful NCAA coaching. 

Pyramid for Success – About our PPCG logo

Our clients, employees, and company are represented by each side in PPCG's Pyramid logo above.  We strive to apply John Wooden's "Principles for Success" and the Principles for developing Sound Wealth Management Strategies.  In applying these Strategies for Success, we start at the pyramid base to build a solid foundation.  This consists of establishing your risk protection strategies that will help guard against unforeseen and unexpected events that could cripple your plans and lead to major setbacks. As you strive to achieve certain milestones throughout your life and progress up the pyramid, you are better positioned to implement more advanced strategies as you near the pyramid top.  Over time, we continually build, modify, implement and re-evaluate your strategies to help increase your probability for success.  This is important as your goals and objectives change and evolve throughout tumultuous markets, ever-changing tax laws, advances in technology, new product developments, and changes to your personal life.

Why we do what we do...

Our founder has always been one to help others throughout his lifetime, whether at home, at work, for friends, relatives, or neighbors.  Early in his career, he assisted interns, residents and fellows establish their risk protection foundation to help protect their most valuable asset (the ability to earn an income through the practice of medicine) as they were in training to become medical professionals.  

Throughout his mid-career, as a Senior Financial Advisor with AMA Investment Advisors, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American Medical Association, Mr. Sklencar traveled the country assisting Physicians and their spouse's transition into retirement and beyond.  John uncovered many situations where physicians were targets of inappropriate investments and insurance products.

As a result, Mr. Sklencar vowed not to let this happen again and focused on helping investors implement cost-efficient strategies with the most reputable companies.  Through his affiliation with a large independent broker-dealer that focuses on technology, research, and compliance, PPCG can access extensive resources based on comprehensive due diligence oversight. 

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